Track record

Talent 4 Transformation was founded and is run by Chartered Occupational Psychologist John Milsom. Prior to setting up T4T John established a strong track record within the fields of business psychology, talent, leadership and coaching.

John has over 25 years’ experience working with organisations across a variety of sectors, developing long standing relationships with large and small market leading. Please find below a selection of testimonials from individual clients and organisations.


John has been an invaluable partner in supporting me build strong leadership teams and implement change across large, small and international businesses. Insightful, professional, and credible, John always delivers engaging solutions tailored to the specific commercial context. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Julie Armstrong, Chief People Officer

John has played a crucial role in helping me to build a strong and effective Executive Team at Midcounties. This has included helping me to select the right high calibre leaders to join us from outside through our final stage recruitment process, as well as accelerating the development of the team through a combination of individual coaching and team facilitation.

John’s friendly, supportive and professional approach means that he is well respected and has helped us to quickly integrate new and long serving individuals into a united leadership team. I have personally valued John’s support to me as CEO and would highly recommend him.

Phil Ponsonby, Group CEO

John has a great ability to really listen and probe into any business situation and through that helped me challenge assumptions and identify alternative solutions. When needed he can also draw down on a broad range of leadership tools and techniques as well as give personal examples of what he’s seen work elsewhere. He is also a really enjoyable person to spend time with and is genuinely interested in other people and wanting to do the best for them.

Through the coaching John provided I was able to transition from leading consulting assignments, to leading a business unit, to now leading a major part of the organisation and sitting on the Board. John’s coaching and interventions were highly effective in helping me through this transition.

Conrad Thompson, Global Sector Lead & Director

John listens really well, his insights are considered and accurate.

Leadership Development Participant

From the very beginning of our interactions John sought to establish a sound and generous relationship, investing time to understand our needs and offering real expertise to prepare a solution that precisely matched our requirements.

Participants have commented on the assessments completed by John as feeling fair and being full of integrity. The depth and quality of the assessments has enabled us to make well researched and evidence based decisions on who to appoint, and how to develop them.

The breadth and depth of expertise John has provided to the University has been beyond our expectations. He has delivered a service that was flexible, credible and engaging. This has helped us make the right senior appointments, and has been very well received by both successful and unsuccessful candidates.

Alison Ross-Green, HRD

The Executive Team at Midcounties Coop have worked with John on a number of leadership initiatives. He has real ability to bring executive development to life and facilitate debates and create positive outcomes. He managed us through a significant change and leadership development programme. He is believable, consistent, professional and great to work with, one of the best consultants I know, and I will use him again on the next relevant project. He comes highly recommended, and he’s a thoroughly nice guy too.

Alistair Rowland, Chief Retail Officer – Specialist Businesses

Having worked with John for the past two years there is no question I would recommend him, and I have already done so within Babcock and to the DST Board. John’s approach is professional, engaging and effective – very good quality

Martin Laity, Managing Director – Mission Systems

Having been assessed by John I would describe the process as engaging was well as thorough and searching. The feedback and coaching has been invaluable in supporting me develop and quickly make a positive impact in my new role. I would definitely recommend John and his team.

Paul Faulkner, Head of FM

John helped me to develop my team and break down silos at a crucial point for the Coop. He demonstrated strong credibility in surfacing and helping us work though significant challenges that had been holding us back for some time. John’s work set us up for much greater collaboration and teamworking which has provided the basis for sustained performance.

David Roberts, MD – Property

I worked with John to develop the management capability and collabortaive potential of my leadership team. John took considerable time and care to ensure that the challenges facing the group were clearly understood and created imaginative and well thought through solutions. John has an engaging consultative style that is challenging when necessary but pragmatic. He is able to deal with complex problems – in my case a pan-Eurpean, multi-lingual management team with a mix of central and operational accounabilities. Extremely trustworthy and professional

Gareth Rayworth, European Customer Service Director

Through a series of short team and individual development sessions, over the course of 18 months John helped our Executive team to communicate openly, with greater focus and strategically. Bringing in just the right amount of theory and coaching at the right time. John pitched it just right for our organisation – so it was relevant, practical, interesting and easily implemented; a difficult balance, brilliantly well met.

John Clarke, CEO

I first met John in early 1999 and since that time I have used his services on several occasions, as a recruiter, for executive team leadership development, and for personal coaching.

John is very professional and hugely experienced, and through this brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to senior leadership in a wide range of sectors. He has strong values and ethics, and is extremely trustworthy, particularly when dealing with sensitive or confidential issues.

Through his extensive reading, John has an amazing knowledge of the very best global case studies, and this enriches the experience that he provides for clients. John has never let me down, and he is highly recommended.

David Jones, Ex CEO

I picked John as a coach as he followed an analytical and psychological approach. John adapted to my needs as we worked through the programme. I would highly recommend John – his relaxed style and analytical approach is a true asset to anyone wishing to step up their leadership performance

Mark Laine-Toner, Head of Finance

John’s ability, to read people, ‘name the elephant’ and interject small pieces of relevant psychology in the facilitated discussion helped me to form an effective leadership team.

The team sessions enabled us to define a mission, to produce clear roles and responsibilities and agree accountability for the team as a whole, not just for their own departments.

In terms of ROI the money invested in the programme has already been recouped many times over. As a direct result of our work with John and the closer teamwork this made possible, we have identified savings of £1.3 million within this year’s budget (Approx. 10%).

Rob Higgins, Business Services Director

John worked with me to create a programme to develop the unity and effectiveness of the Universities Executive Group. John was flexible and provided an engaging solution that drew on solid theory in a practical way. John was also highly credible with our Executive Team

Sally Stewart, Ex-HRD

I have liked that the discussions are part of the assessment as they already start you thinking about what you can do, and see how your personality is coming through in your work

Leadership Development Participant

Receiving objective feedback was really beneficial. John’s persepctive and insight allowed me to reflect on not only the process so far but the changes I have made throughout my career.

Leadership Development Participant

John demonstrated a high level of understanding of our business and our talent challenges, and were both pragmatic and innovative in designing and delivering a programme that we are all proud of

David Kennell, Ex- Head of OD

John helped me define the transition I wanted to make in my career. His approach was pragmatic and flexible – John adapted his methods to what would work best for me and helped me define very practically how I could put my conclusions into practice

Helene Vigue, Commercial Director

Thank you for your work coaching x recently, this has been pivotal in helping him understand the perception his behaviour generated. Although I know some of your sessions with him needed to be quite direct but it does seem to have done the trick in getting him to understand the implications of his style and what he needs to do to address it

Nicky Travers, HR Manager

I worked with John to develop a robust selection process for a healthcare client during a corporate restructure. John is a real subject expert who also brings a commercial approach and a great balance of professional guidance and flexibility to the table. I thoroughly enjoyed working with John and hope to do so again in the future

Jane Burch, Interim HR Director