Organisational Change

The implementation of organisational change always involves a combination of hard and soft factors. Typically initiatives fail because insufficient attention is paid to engaging, equipping and inspiring those affected.

Whether this involves the implementation of new technology, a new operating model or the development of a new culture, Talent 4 Transformation can help with the people side of you programme. We draw on our expertise of facilitating change at an individual, team and organisational level to ensure your programmes live up to their promise.

Facilitating the implementation of change

Talent 4 Transformation specialises in achieving people change. As well as working to support the development of individuals and teams we are experienced in supporting leaders draw on our experience to land change well. We work in partnership with individuals in a coaching, advisory or facilitative capacity, running programmes or acting as a sounding board as required.

In doing this we draw on a range of proven techniques and models and support organisations in applying them in a practical and powerful way. This allows those leading change to consider both the hard and soft aspects of change simultaneously. Leaders are therefore able to draw on over 25 years practical experience along with the knowledge of a Chartered Occupational Psychologist as often as required.

Building the ability to lead change

One of the keys to landing change well is being able to build momentum behind initiatives. To do this it is essential to equip leaders at all levels with the skills needed to engage and win support from those around them. This creates the conditions required for ideas to spread exponentially and take root within organisations.

Talent 4 Transformation is experienced in running training programmes designed to develop these skills. We draw on a range of tools and techniques, including the acclaimed Tipping Point™ methodology. This includes an interactive workshop based around a computer based simulation exercise.

By applying the principles of gamification to the learning environment, the Tipping Point™ workshop and simulation quickly communicates powerful messages. This enables leaders to instigate, lead, embed and support a range of change initiatives from where they stand within organisations. Whatever the change you are looking to implement we can accelerate the rate with which new values and behaviours are embedded within your organisation.

Developing Leadership Frameworks

In order to successfully embed change it is essential to develop a clear definition of what good looks like. Typically this is achieved within the creation of Leadership or Competency frameworks. Once developed a Leadership Framework may then be used as a basis for communication recruitment, performance management, development, succession planning as well as signalling expectations within the context of change.

Talent 4 Transformation has over 25 years’ experience in developing such frameworks, including the development of cross cultural frameworks for global organisations as well as UK based SMEs and in the private sector. Often the development of a Leadership framework is a key milestone in the transformation of an organisation, providing an essential platform for culture change.

Traditionally organisations have looked to develop detailed frameworks with many behavioural competencies defined at multiple levels. These often included a very comprehensive range of positive and negative “indicators”. This approach can have value, but often leads to a complex and bureaucratic product that fails to capture the imagination of leaders, particularly those at the top of organisations. Because of their complexity, these frameworks also require significant effort to refresh and therefore often become stale and out of date.

More recently Talent 4 Transformation has seen a move towards the development of Leadership Frameworks, which tend to be higher level, more strategic, less detailed and more driven by organisational values and strategy. Leadership Frameworks therefore tend to be more inspirational than traditional competency frameworks. This increases their impact at senior levels and makes them a more powerful vehicle for stimulating change. Because they are shorter it is also easier to update them and they can be communicated more easily.

Talent 4 Transformation is able to draw on an exceptional track record in developing Leadership Frameworks and embedding them through the creation of tailored tools. We recognise that the competencies needed within most organisations tend to overlap, and we are therefore practical in the way we develop frameworks.

However we are also always conscious that while the content may be consistent between organisations, the language, tone, emphasis and feel of competencies may need to be different to ensure that are accepted and become embedded. This is where our expertise of working with and crafting behaviours comes into its own.

The Characteristics of Leadership Frameworks
  • Short, inspirational definitions
  • Simple structure: Maximum five dimensions
  • Defines the mindset, values and capabilities required to drive leaders’ thoughts, words and actions
  • Future focus
  • Clear connection with the Business Strategy
  • Personally supported by the CEO and Executive Team

Using assessment to support restructures and culture change

One of the challenges of achieving culture change involves supporting those affected in personalising the changes. Developing tailored development tools that enables leaders and colleagues to understand what any new initiatives means to them is a powerful way of achieving this.

When applied to support the implementation of new operating models assessment programmes can also allow individuals to make informed decisions about where and how they would like to further their careers.

Talent 4 Transformation is able to draw experience of doing this effectively within large and small organisations.  The approach to assessing skills in support of change is always tailored to be highly constructive and developmental. This is achieved through the use of self assessment, 360 feedback or development/talent centres. To work effectively programmes need to disrupt participant’s thinking and provide a clear picture of behaviours that need to be demonstrated more and less frequently.

Our approach

Our approach to the supporting organisation change initiatives is highly tailored. We know that without proper consideration and support there is a natural human impulse to resist change and avoid losing what we already have.

Performance and wellbeing often also dip as a result of change initiatives as a result of uncertainty, stress and the natural process of learning new skills. At Talent 4 Transformation we apply our practical experience and understanding of behaviour change to support leaders and organisations build momentum and successfully embed change

Why Choose Talent 4 Transformation

  • We understand behavioural and organisational change – Our technical experience and understanding means that we design programmes that have a tangible and meaningful impact
  • Commercial understanding – We understand that any change initiative will be aimed to deliver an improvement in performance and focus our work to support this
  • Extensive practical experience – Our breadth and depth of expertise means that we can help clients avoid making mistakes made by others, taking the best from a range of sectors
  • Flexibility – Our ability to tailor programmes means that our solutions align well with any pre-existing processes or priorities  
  • Focus on tangible results and ROI – We have developed a unique approach to evaluating return on investment in change solutions, enabling clients to demonstrate the value gained from their investment
  • Creativity and Innovation – In reality no two change initiatives are the same. Whilst there are some common tools and techniques that may be applied to accelerate change we recognise the need to consider each situation on its own merits and think creatively to brig fresh, tailored and innovative solutions that excite as well as deliver practical results

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