Executive Coaching

Successful professionals from all sectors draw on the support of a coach. Coaching is proven to accelerate development and growth, whilst enhancing performance. There is also substantial research demonstrating the value of having a partner to maximise learning. Executive Coaching from Talent 4 Transformation is focused on supporting senior leaders in performing at their best and preparing them for what lies ahead in an engaging, applied and adult-adult manner.

Why Choose Coaching

Executive Coaching is the most effective learning intervention for experienced leaders because it is the most tailored of solutions. It has a high impact on those coached and their organisation. Coaching is often the critical factor that tips the balance between success and failure and is particularly valuable at certain points in leaders’ careers. These include:

  • Transitioning to a new organisation or role
  • Moving into larger, broader or more complex leadership position
  • Seeking to apply a new style of leadership
  • When implementing significant change
  • When a leader is seeking to raise their own performance or that of an existing team
  • When there is a need for an impartial expert to hold up the mirror

Our Approach

Our philosophy to coaching is both person and business centred. Our coaches are qualified and commercially experienced professional Coaches and/or Chartered Occupational Psychologists. We believe in helping individuals perform at their very best, applying our psychological understanding and leadership experience to provide the support that people need to bring their own unique blend of talents to life.

An individual participating in Coaching with Talent 4 Transformation can expect:

  • An adult to adult relationship where the focus is on improvement
  • Encouragement to generate their own solutions
  • Input of relevant ideas, perspectives or options
  • Feedback and challenge
  • To discuss values, attitudes, aspirations, organisational objectives and results, but to focus on behaviour: (What are you going to do differently that will make a difference?)
  • Progress to be measured, beginning with an in-depth assessment at the outset and at appropriate milestones along the way, through feedback from colleagues or psychometric profiling
  • Confidentiality and complete clarity about the relationship between the participant, coach and client organisation

Example Coaching Programmes

Talent 4 Transformation normally engages in coaching programmes that last either 12 or 6 months. Occasionally shorter 3-4 month focussed programmes may also be provided to address very specific needs.

Initially, the frequency of coaching meetings is high (at least once every 2 or 3 weeks) as the key development areas are identified and the background issues are explored.  All coaching sessions involve comprehensive prior preparation by the coach. Additionally coachees have unlimited telephone and email access to their coach between meetings throughout the programme. 

Why Choose Talent 4 Transformation

  • Commercial experience – Over 25 years’ experience assessing and developing leaders across a variety of sectors
  • Qualified coaches – Coaching is completed by a fully qualified and registered Chartered Occupational Psychologist
  • Exceptional coachee experience – We work in partnership with those we coach, working flexibly to support coachees in a way that maximises their learning  
  • Focus on tangible results – All coaching programmes are delivered against agreed objectives and with the impact evaluated and ROI evaluated

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